Professional Web Presence For Medical Consultants

Medical Internet Associates provide medical consultants with a professional web presence, without you having to get involved with the detailed technical aspects of creating a web site and maintaining it to a professional standard.

With the Internet being used by around half the population of the UK, having your own professional web site can provide valuable information to patients, GPs and other healthcare professionals.

Our Medical Consultant Web Package is tailor-made for medical consultants, offering a safe, cost-effective route to having your own professional web presence.

With the Medical Consultant Web Package, a medical consultants' web presence is totally managed to a professional standard, and comprehensive standards are applied to its members’ web sites, so that visitors are presented with information which conforms to good medical practice guidelines.

By having our Medical Consultant Web Package, you can:

Offer instant up-to-date information on your speciality

Provide details about medical conditions to patients

Present information to GPs about your speciality

Publish your presentation material

Create a professional image on the Internet

Publish research findings and articles

Detail your medico-legal practice

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Example Web Site

Example web site
Example Web Site

Example web site
Example Web Site

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